21 February 2010

Photo Shoot

Yesterday was my blogs 2nd birthday!
I admit suprised I stuck it for so long and even more suprised that people read it :)
Thanks guys if it wasn't for you Scrapping & Chatting wouldn't be here.
Lately i've been given lots of special gifts (I am so lucky) and being a birthday I see a link.
Not that I was given gifts for my Blogs birthday you understand (but why not hahaha)
BUT that post is for tomorrow because something else came up today..

A good friend made me this fantastic scarf, it really is the fluffiest, sofest and most warmest scarf ever worn.
Thank you Jayne.
I wanted to showcase it on the blog so had a great idea, my little bundle of cuteness could model it for me.
All he had to do was smile at the right time...
Trouble is to him the right time was as the light went off BUT the photo actually takes a few seconds after...
Well, see for yourself...

Number 1:
This is the expression we see alot lately, I took the camera off him, he wasn't happy about this.
The camera case was a poor subsitute.

Number 2:
Cute, but for the camera case and that we missed the smile.

Number 3:
Speaks for itself...

Number 4:
Getting better...

Number 5:
We lost it...

Number 6:
YES...quit while i'm ahead :)

Just a couple of today notes:
This little one has now progressed from commando style crawling to proper onto all fours crawling.
We woke upto a blanket of thick white fluffy snow today, because it has been lovely sunshine it has gone to slushy grey stuff and then mostly melted away.

Thanks for sticking with the long post you did well.


nimnam said...

ahhhh bless him, how sweet is that!!!!!
(my camera does that flash thing then another flash to take the picture and usually everyone has moved!!!!)
happy birthday blog!!!!!! i love reading it xxxxx

Househund said...

OH Happy Second Blog Birthday ..
I can't believe it's been that long.
It was you that started me blogging.. however I'm not as dedicated as you are. :o)
Alfie is a real darling. That last pic was well worth waiting for.
Take as many as you can when they are young.. as they get older.. they don't like it hahhah

Anonymous said...

Number 4 is my favorite, he is so cute. Can't believe he is gonna be a year old in just over a month, where has the time gone???
Happy birthday blog, love it xx
From Katie :o)