23 February 2010

It snowed AGAIN!!!

Snowy day views from bottom of road:
Left side..                 
                  ...Right side
This is the snowball Charlie made when we walked (trekked) through the snow to the shop.
It started off as a palm sized ball which he added to all way home.
It became VERY heavy and I carried it for a bit.
He kindly told me I could add to it if I wanted...
...believe me it was heavy enough.

More is forecast for tomorrow. I love snow but I want spring now.

1 comment:

Househund said...

I love the snow...I could walk in it all day... well at least until my feet get cold lol
The pictures are great. Love Charlie with his Extra Large snow ball.
I think your snow is heading this way .. and as I speak believe it or not it's starting to snow.
Enjoy it when you can