25 February 2010

Part happy, part sad...

Well, yesterday it happened...
Usually he leans on his walker and as it moves forward he falls forward...
not yesterday, he leant on his walker and as it moved forward he stepped forward...
...a handful of steps across the rug which I was lucky to (only just) capture on camera.
Also had a craft room move around...
...a certain little person gave a helping hand during this process: 

...this helping hand is also the reason for the change around.
He keeps helping himself to the cupboards.
I did think that with the new layout would mean he'd go for the big drawers (which he cannot open) rather than all the way across the room to the open shelves.
NO, he now crawls under the table and straight to the open shelves.
However, this new layout does have plus points:
 the room is alot lighter,
 seems bigger,
easier to get round.


nimnam said...

wow, doesnt he look tall stood up by himself!!!! you are in for even more of a fun time now he can walk...good luck with that LOL!!!!
you did very well getting a photo of this special moment, i bet you have the scrapbook page layout for it already planned, i hope to see it on here soon xxxx

Househund said...

Alfie looks so grown up with his walker. No peace for you now.. your going to have to be where he is.
I think we have a new Tim Holtz in the making.. Looking at the way Alfie is enjoying helping you with your craft sortout!
Hope you can find everything now!