3 March 2010

Back online...please bear with me...

Well an 11 month old, glass of water and computer modem DO NOT go together.

Alfie is becoming a monkey he stands at Tims computer desk throwing everything on the floor.
In this instance Tim told him No so he waved his arms, then hit the table (temper tantrums already!!) this resulted in the glass of water throwing itself into internet modem.

Man came today and fixed problem, thankfully didn't have to wait too long.

Alfie...well in Tims words "I know what it was like bringing me up now"


Annalisa said...

:) Hi!!!! it's so nice to hear again from you after such a long time!!! it's "only" five days, but it seemed an eternity!!!:)
See you soon,

Househund said...

Oh poor Alfie...I'm sure he didn't mean to bless him.
Glad to see your up and running agian!

Anonymous said...

My 2 best men !
Love the Vicorian costume,and your blog has some lovely artwork. Alfies tantrum was just about right as Tim was just the same - but he didn't turn out too bad did he ??
Love - Nanny