8 March 2010

People are so kind.

Children just don't wear uniform anymore:

I sent this Horrid (Henry) boy off to school on friday. He hates this photo but he has the other 2 on his blog.
Also i think he's cute in it but can't believe how grown up he looks. Arrgghh


I sent this serious child off today for a trip to Holdenby House.
He isn't smiling because Victorian people didn't smile in their photos.

And because I love this one...
Hope he has fun. He was so excited to be wearing this outfit, he wouldn't wear his coat in -1 temperatures (he did have thick scarf on and woolly gloves but they were Victorian looking his coat wasn't)



Annalisa said...

oh thanks for this nice post, so kind of you!
:) Nice pics of Charlie, he does really look "victorian" on the first picture!
I haven't read on blogbuzz about any changes...maybe in italy it will arrive later, I suppose.
But of course, it would be really bad if all my contacts would change and delete their blogs ..I woulnd't mind either paying for staying in touch with people I love here on Blogger, like you!
A lovely post, thanks again!

Househund said...

How did I miss this post...
Charlie looks great. I hope he enjoyed his world book day.
Thank you for the mention.. your very good for my ego.. hahahah but your not bad yourself! lol