15 March 2010

It's shocking I know...

...I am doing a blog post.
Well, it was my first Mothers Day with 2 children.
And as Charlie wrote in his card: I have now been a mother for a decade.
I was spoilt rotten as usual...breakfast in bed...a song sang and wrote by Charlie himself...presents and cards...What more could I ask for.
Caught these two having a "moment" but they noticed camera.


Now the weather has perked up we had a visit to the park to feed the ducks and Alfie met a new friend;Sophia. The littlle lady Kaylee nannys for. More pictures here:

The park visit actually resulted in a decent photo of me (these are limited LOL)

Thanks for looking. Hope you all had good weekend :)


Househund said...

I know I've said this before .. but I really can't believe how quickly Alfie is growing up.
It's so nice to see the two of you enjoying yourselves in the park. Alfie looks esp handsome in his jeans and cardigan. He is just so adorable standing by the fence with the ducks in the background.

Looking at Charlie and Alfie together... Alfie grow's more like his big brother every day... it's lovely that they are so close
Nice to see you posting again!

Kaylee said...

I am so good at taking pics!! Have you got the pic of me and sophia together? Cant wait to do it again :) Kaylee x