7 April 2010


Well no craft lately.
To be honest have gotten back into family history,  just about caught up on my reorganizing my notes and catching up on websites for this.
On the scrapbooking front...guess what found it's way to my house...
Yummy, yummy...must stop admiring and use it...was worth the tantrum Alfie threw in the craft shop because I took something off him...


This boy loves balloons. Not keen on the pop when they burst but doesn't put him off.
Big bro was in charge of cake, picked it, found monkey candle, carried it and tasted it.
The partying just got too much for this Birthday Boy.

Also had an Easter Egg hunt for boys and nephews.
Thank you Declan the cookies were great.

Hope you all had good one.


Sarah Lou said...

Oh how sweet is that last sleeping one! So cute!

Househund said...

I can't beleive I've missed all your posts. Where have I been.
Alfie is a picture of innocence in this last picture. He really is such a darling.