9 April 2010

Storage (Part 1)

I have finally found a way to store my dies that I am happy with:
Cuttbug storage bags;
this works for me cos I can flip through and see what I have
(think being a bookworm influenced me :)
One negative point was that it became heavy with all the dies in one so they have been split: QK in one, All other brands in the other.
The only size not happy with is the 4x4 QK shapes but all the good points mean will put up with this. The ones with cards behind them are exclusive shapes
2x2 shapes

 a magnetic sheet glued inside holds (Xcut) border dies


XCut dies


My only BossKut die...
These bags are just for shapes the alphabets are stored in totally different way.

These bags are sturdy Alfie throws them, pulls them around and they still look as good as new plus he cannot open them. He loves to play with the tag, again, that's still as good as new.
Part 2 tomorrow
(if you not too bored :)

UPDATED TO ADD: QK dies are too heavy to keep as whole collection in one bag, if you have alot  wouldn't advise storing QK in this way.


Annalisa said...

What a nice post!!! I love these bags, they look wonderful!And good that they are sturdy, so that you can keep in good conditions all your precious material!
Pretty post,
can't wait to see the second part!

Househund said...

My goodness I never realised you were such a die junkie,....
Two bags of Dies !!! We have the same Boss Kut Die by the way.
Like the Cuttle Bug dies I have the train and I was quite impressed with it. But have never really bought any others in this range, I Don't think I own a XCut die. Going to have a little look at he range see what they are like.

The Tim Holtz on the edge die looks.. very very nice and how did this just happen to fall on your door step. Can't wait to see what you do with this.