21 April 2010

Welcome to my Craft Area

The is room is officially known as The Dining Room but will only be used for this if/when we decide to move.

As you walk through this the view that greets you:
Ok, I will admit anything which didn't belong was moved out of shot.
The blue pencil case is on Charlies side of the craft table.

The BREAD bin was a gift from a friend and holds all my magazines:
I purposely didn't move Alfie car out of shot because he is usually in the room somewhere.

The sideboard:
Teddy material covers sewing machine,
Fishy material covers big Shot,
The cup holds all important Tea which is always full and visible in the craft room.
The labels are QK bookplates and made to blend with the sideboard (and removable).

These metal drawers are on permament loan from Tim:
Drawers hold A4 papers, top drawer-stickers, second-vellums, third-textured /in rest strip shows the colour.
Black box (waiting label) holds scraps smaller than 6x6.
Blue file holds various papers: double sided/tissue/sets.

The "too heavy to keep on shelf" bits:
Rev, Cuttlebug folders, red file holds 12x12 papers, behind the red file is 12x12 paper pads, gift bag in corner holds large rolls of paper.

The Unit:
Close up of bottom shelves:
material and cottons.
photo printer/material pieces/tin holds collage scraps/under tin is set of mini punches.
middle shelves:
All labelled:
wool & clay/paint/tools
Top shelf:
 Aphabet dies
(the shelves are Straight not quite sure how photographed slight curve on them...)
 Side of unit:
Holds notes from Charlie and photos.

Wall mounted shelves:
TOP: jars hold buttons & Badges/ Laminator,
MIDDLE: Bind it All/ Cottons/ Laptop,
BOTTOM: Albums.
The wire baskets are from IKEA and slot onto the shelf. They are great for tidying stuff away:
The top one holds mini inspiration notebooks
The bottom one holds bits waiting to go into boys journals.

This "item" is always in the craft room but  doesn't fit onto any shelf:
He's usually found laying across these with a car or ball.
If nobody is in the room he is usually reaching up and emptying the table :)

Thanks for looking :)


Househund said...

Good Greif.. you really have taken over the dinning room. I didn't realise it was to that extent..lol
I think you can safely say that this in actual fact.. a craft room as it certainly doesn't contain any food.
And so much stuff...You are lucky to have such a Bright and Sunny room to be in.
Little Alfie could get lost in there...bless his heart.
Wow.. Time I moved house I think!!!

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell hun can't believe how much stuff you have, I'm coming round to raid your stash. Puts my giant cardboard box to shame lol.
From Katie xx

nimnam said...

i love this, it is like having a good old nose around your house!!! but you missed out showing us inside the drawers and boxes!!!!
you def have A LOT of crafty stuff tho lorna, you are very lucky to have a husband that lets you take over the whole dinning room he he!!!
ps) an idea for a future blog page, a guided tour round your whole house!!!!