15 May 2010

Another storage solution:

This is actually a cutlery drainer but as soon as I saw it I knew what it would be used for...
It contains all the essentials I like to have to hand:
As the picture shows I have put toilet roll tubes inside to keep the items seperate and upright (no comments on that :)
I have tried to label the photo (a first for me which was taught by Charlie :) It comes up better if you click on the picture.
I have glue pens, knives, pencils, emery boards, rub on sticks, many scissors, sharpener, rubber, sanding block, etc...
Sticking out the middle is a stack of paper.
I like to have clothes pegs handy for "clamping" paper together, they also make great scissor holders;

Lastly, I can never be bothered to seach through my sewing box for a needle or pin when needed, then when I do I lose them...This is the reason for the foam pad.
This sits on my craft mat permanently so my essentials are always there when needed.
Thanks for looking :)


nimnam said...

great idea agin, and i thought the toilet roll idea was brill!!! i just looked back at the photos of your craft room and can see this sitting on the table lol!!!

Househund said...

Stop being so organised .. .your putting me to shame.
What a great idea.
I would have looked at it and seen a cutlery drainer.
I think I'll have to go shopping with you!