12 May 2010

A layout...and a challenge...

I have actually done a layout: 
I am going to post this one on Design Dollies site: http://designdollies.blogspot.com/2010/05/happy-mothergoose-day.html
The challenge is Nursery Rhyme inspiration well...that's a layout I can do...Hope I have done it right...Will be looking out for the next challenge...
I cant resist using a play on words for the sandpit:
I'm the King of the Castle,
You're the dirty rascal,
I'm the King of the Castle,
Get down the dirty rascal...
I really loved putting this layout together.
It shows Alfies first turn in the sand.
Have added actual sand to the real sandy parts which cover Alfie in the photo.
A rub on crown has been added to my little king...
Wanted to show the embossed title and fabric (to give sandy texture) has been, badly, machine stitched onto the card.
The top border came about because I stamped something along the bottom and it went wrong so had to cut it off.
 I sanded the top and then added kings crown and castles in the same colour as card.
He's the KING of the CASTLE and the DIRTY rascal.
Thanks for looking...


Sarah Lou said...

I love love love the whimsy in this layout! such agreat mistake love teh castles at the top!

Design Dollies said...

OOO! Wonderful details and a love all the pics! What a cutie! He looks like he totally dug the sand! Thanks for playin with us Dollies!

Kate said...

lorna may what a great rhyme to pick!! gorgeous work and thanks for playing with us dollies!

C B Wright said...

You are a clever girl and aclever mum.love what you've done with the sandcastles.I'm waiting for your next brilliant idear.

aussiescrapper said...

This is great, and I agree your gorgeous boy is just adorable, I just love the little castles, this layout rocks, Love Mel from the Dollies.

Househund said...

Oh Wow where do I start on this one.
Fantastic castle along the top and the texture...(have you been sanding)?
I don't think Alfie ever takes a bad photo...and you know how much I love to see the photo's depicting movement.(tells more of a story)..
The crown is Genius
and the printing so goes with this layout
Everytime I see you stitching... I want to try it.Note to myself to get my sewing machine out.
Winning Layout!!