8 May 2010

more STORAGE...

This project is an old and a long time favourite:
It's an old sturdy Timberland shoebox,
Recently had new covering as papers had become shabby.
The new coverings are:
Paperchase alpha wrapping paper with matching stickers for the band,
Tim Holtz scalloped edge die,
QK lock,
yellow Thickers letters,
Chipboard letters (forgotten brand but would love more!!)
Front view:
Inside view:
 Inner boxes (all made by myself) hold the letters.
Top layer A-N:
 Cardboard shelf which lifts out by ribbon straps on each side:
Underneath the shelf is other half of the alphabet.
O-Z, plus punctuations, numbers:

Funny story: These boxes took alot of patience and measuring, whilst making them my Brother in Law came in and after watching me with piles of card and scraps around me said "Let me buy you something to put them in".
I carried on through my frustration and now this box is my pride and joy.
If you can't find what you want, check recycling... :)


Sarah Lou said...

Oh this looks just darling now!!! love teh idea of the little inner boxes fro your letters

nimnam said...

oh my goodness, how do you find the time and the aptience to do all these crafty ideas of yours??? well done tho i can imagine how hard it was to get all the boxes the right size...well worth it tho now!!! well done xxx

Annalisa said...

What a nice box! I love the inner little boxes, they look so cute!love the colourful letters...it all looks so tidy there and you have done a very good work, i bet it was also long!!!
thank you for commenting on my blog..
Happy Mother's day Lorna!

Househund said...

I think I would have given up making this box.. and taken your brother in law's offer lol
It looks really great..and I should make one.. it's just the job for Alphabets all those ones you cut and don't know to keep or throw... Somehow I don't think I have your flare for making storage boxes :o)

cathinka said...

just come via 'Crafty Storage'- I've been saving boxes for storage, but not had the idea of liftable inner shelves, so 'Thank you' for this- will use it lots of times!
Enjoyed reading, and your boys look lovely, and rewarding too! A 'child-cluttered' house is often a sign of imagination.. They really do grow up fast, so enjoy these 'messy house' times, cos all to soon, the years fly by, and the house is tidy and quiet.
Thanks again,

Minxy said...

This is THE coolest idea ever..
the perfect solution to my alpha storage problem.. thank you for sharing :)