7 May 2010

How proud am I???

Charlie has started a new hobby:
...painting these little figures..they are TINY...smaller than my thumb...
He is going to start collecting these figures and when they are painted playing games with them.
His dad does this hobby and Charlie has started to show an interest but we were worried that we would buy the kit and then he wouldn't be able to paint these tiny figures. So dad found some spare Orks (Lord of the Rings baddies to me)...wow...he was amazing and is keen to continue.

The process:
Keep it up son...we are so proud...


Househund said...

Wow how fantastic is that.
Such intricate work. (this isn't going to take up room in your craft room is it Lorna)lol.
Charlie.. I am so impressed with what your doing. Great for your concentration levels.!

Annalisa said...

What a nice post!We're proud too of Charlie, he seems to focussed on his hard work!:) I am sure it will turn out very good!!!
:) Keep up the good work!