27 May 2010

Time for some photos...

Be warned this post is an overload of photos:
Love this one of Charlie engrossed in his new hobby.
The result, look at those tiny details: red eyes/silver skull and gold detail on belt...Wow...
Alfie engrossed in his new hobby. Climbing everything...
...including Big Bro.
Alfie loves dogs, his favourite is Brock who belongs to Nanny.
This dog is such a softie and he loves the boys as much as they love him.
Amazingly this gorgeous guy actually posed for a photo:
Our version of a Family Portrait...
Brock kept trying to lick Tim while he couldn't move.
2nd attempt:

Charlie scored top marks on his Victorian project (25house points).
Has found out "flipping 'eck" is not swearing so when something bad happens says: "i have to use my words, can I?" When think of the words he could say we let him use them.
His new favourite tv shows: Scream if you know the answer and outnumbered.
Is growing up too fast...
Alfie has 2 more back teeth.
Starting to walk (sideways) if you hold both his hands.
Is a fully fledged member of Tumbletots.
Is becoming a cheeky little character...

If you're still awake then Well Done...: )


nimnam said...

why would anyone be bored looking at your photos???? they are all lovely, my favourite is alfie on the chair as he looks like he is looking behind him at you like "uh oh ive been rumbled how can i make it look like im NOT climbing on the chair!!!!" he he i love it xxxx
enjoy the week off with charlie, hope its nice weather for a change!!!

Househund said...

What fun family snaps..
Charlies work looks fantastic...
Wanted to grab Alfie off the chair.. sorry it's the mother in me. I bet you were one foot away.
These are great pictures. So relaxed, full of fun. Great Post!