29 May 2010

Latest Project:

...okay, so it's not a recent one but have been struggling to get decent photos of the finished project.
It's my "Happy Board".
The magnetic board on the side of my unit (http://scrappingandchatting.blogspot.com/2010/04/welcome-to-my-craft-area.html) held photos, notes, various bits & bobs from Charlie BUT Alfie seems to enjoy pulling them off so it's now used to hold finished or part finished layouts.
Unfortunately, this great idea left me with nowhere to put the photos.
It's made from a frame whose glass had broken.
As was wooden frame it didn't need any prepping, just rubbed white paint on with cloth.
Then used the small pot size is very deceptive it holds alot of paint, even after this project I still have plenty left.  I watered it down slightly as the texture was bit too thick for me.
As it dried it started to crack and then peel off...
...I love the effect.
The back board has been decorated in a paper with an easy to match pattern, as the length was just over one sheet.
A baking tray has been fixed with superglue (after sanding the back surface to make it rough which helps glue to hold) and voila!!
The baking tray has a lip which is great for holding spare magnets around the edge.
Talking of magnets, these have been made using my favourite Paperchase Wrapping paper (it's STILL going LOL).
Just covered an old cardboard box in the letters wanted,
Cut out circles using sizzix see through circle die,
superglued magnet to the back:
This one is scrapbook paper glued to magnetic paper, cut out using sharp craft knife and  edges inked:
A quick, simple, cheap project.
I have to say a BIG thank you to Ros for the Crackle paint. Don't you love it when a Crafting Friend sends you something which you wouldn't buy yourself. I look at stuff like this and think I would love to have a play but daren't take the plunge, now want this paint in many colours... : )

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Househund said...

hahah you've just reminded me to use my crackly paint.
I love the frame.. what a good idea... and ever changing photoframe.. who needs a digital one.
The magnets are great fun..I remember that paper.
The crackle paint has given such a great effect. Wow.. so glad you took the plunge and opened that pot.
Now I have to do the same