25 June 2010

Completed flash card mini album...

This is definately a favourite.
Charlie keeps asking to look at it, in my eyes that's the highest stamp of approval.

Finished size is A6.
The front cover:
Was going with different title (whats in a boys pocket) but, cut a long story short, a mistake meant a change to this. 
Details: Word pocket: Chipboard covered C,Smaller font is die cut (QK Paige).
All other words stamped.
The pocket is cut from scrapbook paper.
Boy image: part of large stamp; stamped onto (Making Memories) patterned paper and cut out.

Inner pages:
Tried to do them as a story book but replacing key words with pictures.
Details: Circles have been stamped using inkpad, toilet tube & lids.
All items on page are from my Collage box.
(click on picture to enlarge)

Inner Pages (2):
Everytime I look at it I see something else.
Details: Left side is a photo of bulkier items and ones he wanted to keep/Right side is actual items.
These have all been in Charlies pocket at some point and been (well) played with on the way to school.
Charlie found a worm (called wormy) at school and was gutted when he passed, but was grateful that never found him in the pocket.
Charlie wrote the sentence and the worm has been stamped on pink patterned paper.

Thanks for looking :)


Annalisa said...

:) What a nice album you made!!!
Love this work :) How can you always have so many nice ideas???

Lousette said...

Fab blog. I love the flash card mini album and can understand why it is in such demand. Thank you also for the lovely comment you left on my blog a little while ago.

Househund said...

So much work ....So much Fun.. I love this idea. Annalisa is right.. you have such fantastic ideas.
Or... your just looking for a way to empty Charlies pockets lol
I think you need to start posting instructions now.. so that we can all give these projects a go.

Deanne said...

lol sounds like you have a fun little boy there :) love the story book idea

peata said...

more goodness.
great idea.