26 June 2010

This boy LOVES his cars...

Okay, i'm no David Bailey but was trying to get some shots at Alfie level.
It is an understatement to say he loves his cars.
He will watch Top Gear more intently than childrens TV.
He doesn't move a muscle except to jig with excitment when the film CARS is on.
(This is Charlies collection which he has given to his bro.)
Funny thing is when the film is on he looks for his cars then sits with them in his hand.
He won't wave to his Dad in the mornings but to every moving car we pass when out for a walk.

This boy LOVES cars...


Househund said...

Great Photo's
Well we can see what drives this little lad.
I can just imagine you crawing round the floor trying to get these pic. I do the same with the dog lol
As always Alfie is a STAR!

Caro said...

Your Alfie sounds just like my Alex! Alex is now 3 and still obsessed.