12 June 2010

A layout, Charlie craft, Alfie photo...

The boys wrapped my pressies in some cute monster paper.
As soon as saw those cute characters (on the paper as well as real life : ) a layout sprang to mind:
I have come to accept having boys means our house will never be a show home.
It's frustrating at times but when I do a good tidy up and a toy can't be seen, it looks empty and bare...this photo was taken after the 2 boys had been playing to show Charlie why we need to tidy up:
(those observant eyes wondering why there's a baby bath seat in the living room, we used it for Alfie when he wanted to play but couldn't sit alone: )
 ...squirted a line of paint straight from tube underneath paper edge, then held paper upright so it ran down...
Font: QK Moxie
...lots or folded edges, ripped edges, star tape, monster stickers...
...bit of "scruffy" stitching...
Charcaters cut from wrapping paper (Tesco)


Charlie had a friend round in half term, the 2 of them sat creating for 4 hours...
This is Charlies creation:
Pom-poms + Buttons = Cute doggy
Yoghurt pot = kennel for cute doggy


A (rare) quiet moment:

One last thing which you need to check out:

Thanks for looking :)

1 comment:

Househund said...

OMG... look at little Alfie. Is there any thing left for him to pull out of his toy box. lol and yet he looks so peaceful. I wonder who's going to put all those toys away. :o)
I'm amazed that you alway find a use for everything. The wrapping paper the boys used look great on your L/O... and what a memory.
The monsters are look right at home on the corner of the page.
What font have you used?