20 July 2010

Another storage bag...

...for my Sizzix. I love my last one
but wanted one that will cover the machine and open flat to allow me to use it without being moved from where kept...
...having a toddler who comes scurrying at full speed to turn the handle as soon as the bigshot is pulled out, have decided to use machine where it's kept because will be hidden there and out of reach...
...as won't be moved around the bag doesn't need handles so went for a simple plimsoll/shoebag style :
top: shows bag closed and where it is stored...
bottom: shows bag open...
Material is from Ikea (purposely bought cos the colours match :)
The platform, part with the tabs, of my BigKick broke -note to self:they do not bounce if dropped-can you buy new ones??
It is usable but feel not for long especially when using TAB2 :(

Thanks for looking.


Annalisa said...

I love your new storage bag!!!Love the red spots :) Makes it look so nice, lighthearted :)

Househund said...

Who's a clever girl then..
Are there no ends to your talents!
Really like the spotty material.

steph devlin said...

Hey Lorna, just wanted to thank you for your gorgeous comment on my blog giveaway post a couple of weeks ago. its has taken me this long to get around to thanking you for visiting my little blog.
hope you are well and sunny.
steph xo
PS Love that bag with that gorgeous material from Ikea. Fantastic idea.