1 July 2010


No mini album in this post...
This is an older layout...I was never 100% happy with it, always felt it needed a little "something" to pull it all together:
..so added some butterflies across the page..
..they have been punched from patterned paper to keep them soft and the focus on the (sweet) photo..
I am really pleased with the outcome and feel it is now finished.
Thanks for looking : )


Annalisa said...

:) wonderful!!!!
love it :)

Househund said...

I agree... I think this Layout now looks finish... but I thought it was wonderful when you first completed it. ....
It's hard to beleive that Alfie was that little not that long ago...aaaahhhhhh they grow to fast

Sarah Lou said...

hmm I thought i had commented????

Anyhow, I love love love the lil punched butterflies!! beautiful!