9 July 2010

Post about "My Boys"...

This photo shows Determination, Courage, Bravery and Pride.
Because Charlie had to take part in the boys class skipping race.
something which caused him a lot of grief. The night before  we were practising hard.
On the day he did a brilliant job and didn't stop once, he skipped to the finish line.
Well done Charlie.

Funny thing was before beginning the practise Charlie asked me if I knew how to skip.  I replied (with slight annoyance) of course I could it's not something you forget...
...promptly got tangled in the rope and tripped.
Well it cheered him up and anybody that could see me from their window :)
This photo shows Exasperation.
Alfie found a pen!

He also has discovered a new stamp cleaner: Baby saliva...
...I clean my stamps after use but some of the older ones have become stained with unremovable ink. Until Alfie got hold of one of them and used it as a teether. The irony is it was super clean when he had finished and he was on his way to becoming a smurf.
*not a recommended cleaner*


Sarah Lou said...

The skipping bit sounds like something I would do. lol. Go Charlie!!

Ive played with that stamp cleaner before - also takes the colour right out of coloured iceblock sticks.........

Househund said...

~Well Done Charlie~
Great Picture Lorna-action shot
Alfie... What are we going to do with you our little smurf!

Lorna May said...

Can't take credit for the shot, it was a professional photographer.