8 August 2010

Been playing with techniques.

These photos were in a mini album (thats another blog post ) and decided it was about time I gave them a 12x12 layout.
They are my (mostest) favourite photos of Charlie.
WHEN: 2004, aged 3years.
WHY: Had previously taken some photos of Charlie pulling his "kissy face" but the background was awful so decided to retake them...
...didn't turn out exactly as hoped.
He was so cheeky, with his dirty cute face, apple in hand and bouncing on his mini trampoline :)
The first one was an attempt at Kissy Face but he was trying not to laugh.

Close up of detail and title:
The patterned paper was cut using a template (Thank you Ros).
Making the Star:
Gather your supplies-
2 different styles of star punches, cardstock.
Punch the smaller star first.
-if not using a Fiskars punch turn your punch upside down-
Line up the smaller star inside the shape.
Punch out and...voila...
...a star.

Making a curved border:
Use a clear border stamp. 
(Using scrap paper I drew round plate and used this pencil line as template)
Press it hard onto block as you curve it into the shape wanted.
...the finished border.

Thanks for looking :)


Househund said...

How fantastic to see those scrapbook templates so nicely used.
I think you've done a great job with them.
Love the vibrant colours, the shapes love everything about it.

Who make the smaller punch.( got to get one of those)

and why didn't I think of the plate and stamp technic.. who's a clever girl then.
Wow wow wow.. love this L/O

Lorna May said...

Ros, I can't even remember where I brought it, I do remember it was a bargain bin find.
Will keep my eye out, if see another it will be yours :)