9 August 2010

It didn't turn out too bad in the end...

This layout came about after a disaster!!!
I put together my first mini album in 2006, trouble is circumstances have changed since then and I wanted to take out 2 photos...BUT...it didn't go as easy as planned...so..
Plan A: re create the album 
Plan B: put the pages into a layout 
Plan B won.
Alot of the layout is the pages exactly as they appeared in the album:
This layout follows no rules and is very busy for the eye, in fact looks like I emptied my collage box onto a page of pva, but it fulfilled my aim so it's a keeper:)

Word LOVE is stamped and handcut letters from shrink plastic.
Word JOY is another handcut then embossed shrink plastic creation.
(won't ever try this technique again as embossing powder and shrink plastic gets VERY hot and sticks to skin when slips from tweezers OUCH, OUCH, OUCH)
Flocked stars (wish knew where brought these...).

If you stuck this post to the end, Well done :)


Sarah Lou said...

sometimes a distaster works!! yeah its a bit busy but it shows all your sweet photos ad I love that note from Charlie!

Househund said...

Wow there's so much action on this page... but I like it.
There's so much for your eye to look at... each little picture part of a story.
Your fast becoming a scrapbooking queen!