5 August 2010

Snippets of today...

These 2 important people have not left Charlies side since he was given them. They go to bed with him and when awake they are always in his hand or pocket
Thank you Auntie Naomi for Woody & Declan for Buzz :)

This little lad walked all the way home from town today (a 15min walk for an adult). The only upset came when he wanted to push his car along the pavement, which meant crawling..also when we passed the buses he kept wanting to walk opposite direction to watch them..apart from that he was fantastic and held my hand the whole time.
Daddy pulled up in his van and he got so excited tried running to him..He also smiled at everybody who passed us because he KNOWS how clever he is...

Hows your summer going?


Annalisa said...

Nice to read about your summer!Alfie looks so nice and seems to enjoy really much his stroll!
My summer is quite busy at the moment- a reason why I'm not posting regularly- and here is colder than usual!a windy and busy summer :(
well, I don't mind too much!

Househund said...

I can't beleive his little legs carried him for a full 15 minute walk home from town.
I bet he slept like a baby after that.... or maybe not.