4 August 2010

some makes from weekend...

Had to make a sympathy card...arrgh...
Decided to go simple.
Cuttlebug embossed butterfly cut from gemstone cardstock.
BoBunny black/white journalling spot.
Charlies make:
..Lots hugging bear (Toys Story 3) from plastacine,
how stinking cool is that..
Daniels make:
..Toy Story cakes,
they were scrummy yummy..

Declan & Charlies make:
Lots of lego makes this weekend
but for some reason photo keeps going sideways :(

Thanks for looking :)


Nimnam said...

Charlies bear is very very good!!!!
But should prob of took pic of daniels cakes before we had all ate one!!!!!!

C B Wright said...

accutuly its 'lots-o-huggin-bear' and daniels cakes were lovely!!!
great card :O)

Househund said...

Sympathy cards are never easy to make but I think you've done a great job.
Love the Journalling spot...
Charlies bear is Great#! Well Done Charlie..What was toy story 3 like?
Daniels face is a picture.. he looks so proud of his cakes ..bless him.