6 March 2011

Alfie doesn't do recycling.....

The old bread bin is for recycling,
the metal bin for normal rubbish:
...then when it all gets too much
just bury your head in the sand!
...all the toys in the world don't give this much fun.

Charlie has got into his first choice of senior school.


nimnam said...

bet that was fun cleaning all that up!!!!!! who would want to play with toys when u can play with shredded paper and make a mess!!!!!

well done to charlie too, cant believe he will soon be going senior school!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How time flies!!!

Can't believe this cheeky little chap is gonna be 2 at the end of the month and Charlie going senior school in Sept. WOW!!!

From, Katie xxx

Househund said...

Oh NO! Alfie what have you done hahahhahahhah