15 March 2011

I love it when the postman walks up the path with packages...
The other day he brought a lovely suprise.
This gorgeous card from my VERY talented cardmaker friend: Ros.
I love her works of art and evey time I look I see a new technique.
BUT the suprise doesn't end there because inside popped up this fun suprise.
She is so sweet and colourful, how you can not smile when you see her.
She reminds of the pop up shoebox theatres I used to make with my Nan.
They had more of an amatuer look about them though :o)

I have been having fun trying out new techniques.
I recently brought some chipboard letters. I admit it the fact they were aged and spotty helped.
I thought about making a mini scrapbook with a fabric cover and using scrapbook paper pages instead of white pages.
I had seen chipboard stitched onto paper so fabric should be even easier...right???
A search on the net and craft books for advice on this (after all didn't want to damage my new machine).
Advice found was to take it slowly to stop the needle breaking and use a thicker needle.
Lucikly the new machine has a slow/fast speed on the pedal.
I didn't change my needle though as have brand new ones and they super sharp.
Masking tape held the letters in place while I stitched the first line. It was pressed against my trousers first to lose some of the stickiness. After a very nervous start, I loved it.
The needle went through chipboard like butter.
I even went on to try zigzag stitches.
Great fun.
(if you new to scrapbooking chipboard is an American word for VERY thick card. The type you get at the back of sketch books. Please DO NOT stitch wood)

Thanks for looking :o)

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Househund said...

Oh wow I love the letters
They look fantastic....
So pleased your new machine is working out for you....
Glad you liked the card :o)