7 August 2011

create your own treasure map.

Are the children bored??  Too hot to be outside??  Looking for some fun??  Want to do something that's cheap??  Here's the perfect activity....
a totally awesome
*an old map ... this can be a page taken from a street map, a car map, even an atlas, part of an ordance suvey map even a hand drawn one ... doesn't matter what condition it's in the tattier the better.
*large bowl with cooled tea in.
*cooled used tea bag but still wet.
*brown/black ink pads. 
*the letter X ... this can be drawn, a letter sticker, cut out of fabric or scrap paper ... so long as it's an X.

Make sure before you begin your clothes and work area are protected. In fact if the weather is nice take it outside to do.

The great thing about this activity is that it's adaptable for younger and older children.
To start with take the map and lay out flat. Rip the edges so it has an old aged look about it.
Now for the fun messy part ... you can either
A: rub the tea bag all over the map, keep dipping tea bag in the water and keep rubbing until you are happy with the coverage. If the tea bag splits doesn't matter it all adds to the appeal.
B: screw up the map and keep dipping in the bowl of tea. Carefully unscrew the map, it may rip or tear slightly, this all adds to the aging effect.
(Second method is better with older children as it can rip easily.)
Now for the boring part : Leave the map to dry
OR you can cheat and use a heat gun or hairdryer to dry it out quicker.
Whilst map is drying it's time to create the "X marks the spot"
Now there are many ways of doing this:
A. Get the child to cut out a circle and draw an X in it, screw it up tight, unfold, ink all over.
B. die cut an X.
C. Use a letter sticker.
D. Cut an X from a newspaper/magazine title...
it goes on and on.
You can age the X by rubbing the edges with an emery board.

When the map is dry rub an ink pad around the edges.
If you want to age it further gently rub a pale brown ink pad over the map and it will define any creases made

Look at your map and check out the place names.
Choose where you think your treasure would be buried ...
 ... mark it with your X.
(Ours is Bottom Lodge Farm)

Now you have a map why not dress up as a pirate and stop those baddies from finding it??
Do you have a sand pit why not bury the map and let a sibling find it??
Why not use a map that leads to a relatives house or friends??

Don't forget let me know if you make one and how it goes, leave a link in the comments.

Before I go ... Charlie is 11, he loves making maps and it's his hands which are in all the photos ... this is the finished map.


Hearts and Cupcakes said...

Fantastic idea, thanks for sharing. I look after my friends boy sometimes in the holidays, he loves pirates so we will be making these when he comes round.

Annalisa said...

You really are so crafty! I just wanted to say thank you for your kind comment on my blog and also that this map is a very clever idea! Never thought of tea as paper aging! :) thank you so much for sharing!

Lorna May said...

Thank you both :o)
Hearts and cupcakes:Be sure to send us a link when it's finished.


nimnam said...

wow cool map charlie!!!! and im sure if charlie likes making maps so much u r happy to drink lots of tea to help him out xxx