11 August 2011

new alphabet storage

The sun has cooled (thankfully) which means my very fair headed toddler can play in the garden. He loves to dig with his little construction trucks but has to be watched intently as he tries to pick up anything that wiggles or moves (a bee didn't like this and told him so) and anything bright coloured gets put in his mouth (big relief that the ladybird he swallowed was already dead).
So today while he was playing I decided to change the way my die-cut alphabets are stored.

I looked around at what I already have ... alot of small used jiffy bags and an old storage box  ... an idea was formed .....
To start with I ordered extra jiffy bags, 4 just wasn't going to do the job.
Problem occured: Storage box too small by time jiffy bags filled with letters.
Took an envelope out with me and found a great basket in the sale at TKMaxx.


Labels were made using more found pieces.
Box of large paper clips.
Box of large brads.
Sheet of letter stickers.
Back view shows how they're made:
some letters used the same envelopes
In the words of my hubby:
 "That's organized, scarily organized"
and all made while sitting in the garden.


Abi said...

that looks great, what an innovative way to store all your letters!

Househund said...

What a FANTASTIC idea.
The basket looks amazing.
Did you sew the lining?

nimnam said...

wow, u are very very organised!!!!!! do u do thesame with socks and pants????

Traceyr said...

That is absolutely inspired - great way to store those letters and I love the paperclips with brads on the top! Brill


Scrapendipity said...

Oh my goodness. Lorna, I LOVE this idea!