5 August 2011

(primary) school days...

Well that's it! Charlie will officially be a senior in September.
He is coping better than me about the whole thing, he's looking forward to moving on.
On the last day he took his camera and created lots of memories, here are a few of them...

This will be hardest part for him leaving his "gang".
He started school not knowing anyone, he had a visiting day with 4 other children and the girl closest to him was in his group. They formed a bond and became best friends all through primary. The other girl started later in the school but quickly came part of the group.
Saddly they are both going to be at different senior school to Charlie :o(

We picked up his blazer and tie today and he looked so grown up when trying them on.
A new chapter begins..
...hope he enjoys it.


Househund said...

These pictures bring back memeories.
Rachael's signted shirt is hanging in her wardrobe.
So Glad you had a happy last day in school Charlie.

nimnam said...

oh no i didnt realise he was going to be seperated from some of his friends??? bless them, im sure they will keep in touch on facebook lol xxx