27 February 2008

WOW- an earthquake...

....only a mini one thank goodness, so it's exciting. I was the only one to feel it in our house. I wasn't worried though.
After school I asked my 8 year old about it:
Me: Did you hear about the earthquake at school?
Him: Yes. I felt it.
Me: You slept through it!
Him: Yes but I still felt it, it was earthquaky!
Who am I to argue??

I recently decided to sort all the digital photos, labelled them, sorted them into dated folders and saved to disk. A disk that worked because have printed from it. Monday morning popped it into the computer it came up BLANK! I tried it in husbands and it shows up full disk but only opened 2 folders. To add to this the day before I had decided to sort out my computer and emptied recycling bin where I had all these photos.
Something to be said for the old cameras where you get to keep the negatives!
Keep reminding myself no one is hurt and can always take more!

On a postive note my son got his first bronze certificate today. Well done son you make us proud!

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