17 April 2010

More storage...

I brought this folder in a sale at (good old) TKMaxx for 50p.
It's A5 and I had no idea what to use it for but I knew it would come in handy.
It has...

This is my QK 4x8 & NESTABILITIES storage.
(I am in process of relabeling the folder as it originally just contained 4x8 dies, all 2 of them :)
The front of the folder holds the QK.
I have the name of the alphabet cut out using the font.
I have cut down A4 clear pockets and stitched them using the sewing machine.
I found it easier to place masking tape along the line to sew as it helps to stop the needle slipping.

The back of the folder holds the NESTABILITIES.
The magnetic sheets have been cut to fit the folders.
It's easy to add to as I get more dies.

I keep anything which I could use as storage in the future mainly because I hate to throw anything away and can't always afford the prupose made storage systems.

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Househund said...

I never even realised that TXMaxx did folders like this. I love what you've done with it. Great colours and you always take such care with everything. The wording is so neat..Your so organised Great work