15 April 2010

storage (part 2)

This is how I store my alphabets.
(the storage is still the same but having Charlie ill and not wanting to go far from him decided to move the craft room around)
The red box is the smallest from a set of 3 and fits QK 4x4 perfectly.

The first beige box contains these:
I have taken the black inner plastic out so I can store more dies.
The odd coloured die is my new Tim Holtz die.

The 2 folders next to the beige box are these:
My homemade magnetic folders for QK cookie cutters.
Shown in better detail here:

Magpie tins.
I like to put an A onto the front of the tin to show what font is inside BUT the label holder cards weren't large enough, so...
I cut a white piece of card slightly larger than the label holder and glued this to the front instead.

OK, this isn't storage but how cute is he? Unfortunately he isn't part of a pair as was from a charity shop and was calling to me.
Now I have had a move around I "might" photograph my craft area...

Onto good news: Charlie is better now, not 100% he's still pale, needs to build his strength up, isn't arguing about going to bed BUT he is asking for food again and being cheeky.

1 comment:

Househund said...

So pleased that Charlie is feeling better. I must addmit I was worried about him.
And your right this little fawn is so sweet.
You put me to shame I really must sort out my storage.. I need a trip to Ikea.. and a some bucks..
I've just been fancying your Boss-O alphabet from Sizzix..
I have the Sassy Serif ... really love what you can do with these.
Great Post.. always looking for storage Ideas