27 May 2011

Hope he's having fun...

It's a big day in the Wight household:

This little lad is at his Playschool taster session as I type...
He ran in, took his coat off, emptied the pencil tray, ran off with another little boy very happy.
Hope the fun lasts (and he isn't too mischievious).

Today, this lad finds out which character, in his year 6 "The Wind in the Willows" play, he will be acting.
He doesn't want a main part as he doesn't want to sing solo. Doesn't matter how many times his teacher tells him he should go for it.
I did tell him he had to tell his teacher he needed to phone me immediately with the news...no call though.
*Plus he has a Yr 6 sleepover at school tonight, they are taking waterguns and eating pizza. Don't remember that in my time....first time I ate pizza I was 17...
*He has rehearsals on Saturday for his mixed tape review show: http://www.starlightdance.net/
 *A partyyyyyyy on sunday...busy busy, need the Bank Holiday to chillax.
(The picture above is of his garden patch and the flowers are growing!!!
unfortunately we have a little imp who thinks it funny to stand ont his patch waiting for someone to notice him!!!)

Hope you all have a fun filled Bank Holiday.

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Househund said...

My goodness it's all go in your house. I bet you don't need chairs cause you don't have time to sit on the.
First day at playschool.. that's one for the scrapbook album.

It's so nice to see Charlie gardening.

Will email to catch up on all the news.