12 June 2011

new storage...

I wasn't happy with the way my craft books are displayed (I have many bookshelves spread around the house).
The magazine binders kept the different themes together and also from bending, a downside of paperbacks BUT I didn't like the mismatched look plus they are different widths so certain books only fitted in certain ones.
Whilst at Tims mums saw a great wooden crate and actually brought it home for craft fair displays (wasn't suitable) the books fit perfectly.
Tim says it looks a bit tatty but to me it's shabby and perfect.
The yellow basket holds the mini books, that i'm not happy with but it's suits the purpose for now.

I have also found another storage solution for my QK dies.
They are quite heavy and wasn't happy with the binders they are in at present
It has taken a long time but while in TKMaxx I found these (american company) business card binders:
I have 2, one for single dies and one for doubles. It also suits how I store my nestablities:
(also found at TKMaxx)

Worth the wait I think.


Househund said...

Of Course if Tim thinks the box its scruffy.. he could always paint it for you lol

I remember a shelf you made over ( green I think) it looked Fab

What a kind mothing in law you have

Annalisa said...

Hi Lorna!
It's so nice to see you back with such a nice post! I'm so sorry I have been absent for several reasons and only restarted blogging recently.
I love the box you got and it looks perfect on the desk! I don't think it looks tatty, but perfect for an artist like you :)