20 May 2011

It's what she asked for...

When Alfie was young it was impossible to buy rag books, the only books suitable for tiny babies was (and still is) bath books.
A friend of mine has always said when she fell pregnant she wants one of her own made.
Here is the result:
Will only show you one of the inside pages as the others have photos of the parents. 
And of course it needs to look pretty:
The tiny pink bootees are actually a keepsake pram hanging decoration, but finish the look perfectly. They are so tiny and sweet.
Alfie is now 2yrs old but still loves his rag book, even more so now he can say our names. He will often pull it out of the toy box and sit looking at it. It's taken a good battering and has been carried around in my bag many times but doesn't seem to have acquired any damage.
The only difference between the 2 is that I rounded the corners on the new one.
Hope she likes it (baby and mum).


SprinkledWithLove said...

Aww, my booties look really lovely - what a sweet idea! Thank you very much x

Househund said...

Who wouldn't like it.
What a special gift to give to a friend.
You've done a fantastic job on the rag book.
Your getting a right little wizz with that sewing machine of yours That combined with your crafting talent is a winning combination.

nimnam said...

wow...i want one of these books please xxx its fantastic xxx

Lorna May said...

Nimnam: you are getting one anyway. Im going to find the worst photos ever to put in it. Hahaha not really :o)

Uhooi said...

Wow,, It's a creative, nice and interesting,