14 August 2011

More storage

I have a friend called Jayne and she is a car boot queen, she finds the coolest stuff and makes it look great.
I saw the bottom drawers at her house and wanted them:
 Guess what?? bet you can't guess??
That's right I have them!! Both of them.

The top set now look like this :
Everything used was found in my craft area.
Gave it a bottom coat of white watered down acrylic.
Top coat is acrylic paint (mixed colours til got right shade or orange).
Front of drawers covered with scrapbook papers, edges sealed with pva glue.
When dry the edges and corners were rubbed with sandpaper.
Strip of paper on bottom drawer is decorated with cute cartoon like wildlife animals.
Top drawer holds all my 3D collage bits and bobs ...
... bottom drawer holds all paper collage pieces ...
They are a solid set of drawers.
As these photos show...
...every time I went to take the photo he wasn't there and as soon as flash went off he would appear!!
Took a few attempts not to get him in the photo.
But as he's cute thought would share the "outtakes" with you.


nimnam said...

wow what a fab job u have made!!! and alfie does make the pic even better lol x

Househund said...

I love the way Alfie is modelling the draws for you.

The draws.. and Aflie look really great I like what you've done with them.

I have quite a few sets of these that I got from Ikea... but as of yet have Not got round to decoration them.

You may have just inpired me!

Lovely Job Lorna

Bettys Delights said...

Lush and very organised of you hehe Mine is piled up in a heap .Not a good look haha Tx

Sarah Lou said...

mine love to photo bomb as well!! Love the draws!