27 April 2010

Heritage Album 1

This was my first ever scrapbook album (1of 3), it's 8X8 and started because thought it was sad if all the "old" photos were just put in a box.
So the photos were the centre stage alot of hidden journalling was used...
...perhaps sometimes too hidden :)


C B Wright said...

Thats one cool album and one wicked slideshow.
Love u lots,

Annalisa said...

What a nice album!!! Love the slideshow!!
Am really sorry not to have come recently to comment on your wonderful works and posts, will make up to it, I promise!

Househund said...

I didn't want to comment untill I had chance to look right through the album and have a really good look. Anne.. seems a really formidable women..I'll be back when I've examined it more closely over the weekend!!!!!

nimnam said...

what a great FIRST album, i am going to steal a few of you hidden comments ideas!!!!

Househund said...

I so wish I could pick up this album and take a closer look. There so much work gone into it.
Love the hidden jounaling the headings using different fonts.. great papers...esp on Rollins Sisters page..Love the way you've headed this ...the small photo's on the brothers page with the information.
I also like your James and family page.. the colours.. and the saying printed out on the computer..( I need to do more of this)more hidden journaling.. The bricklayers.. is just great.. I'd like to read about Harry..
These old photo's are what it's all about. You've done a fantastic job on this Album Lorna.. One that you can be very proud of.